Ok… So let’s admit it, we all have days that are best described as “crappy”. Despite my waking up in the absolute best way this morning and starting off with a big smile, something changed during my day. As my day progressed,  I started to feel the weight of all of my different obligations. All of the bills that I need to pay, the responsibilities that my career carries with it, the house that needs to be cleaned, all of the projects that need to be done at my house, my car that needs to be cleaned out, along with a whole slew of other things. By the time this afternoon arrived, it was all I could do just to sit up, much less be happy about it!

Right now I am sitting here as happy as ever and looking back, I am incredibly grateful for today and the lessons I have learned from it! So what changed? At one point during the day, I was sitting in this slump or funk or whatever you want to call it, and I had no idea how to feel better. I wanted to feel better, but that desire was definitely not winning out over the “crappy” feeling. Do I did what I know best to do when I am stuck in a situation that I don’t know how to get out of. I prayed and asked my Heavenly Father to help me out of it! As He always does, he answered my prayer. Almost instantly this time! He didn’t make me feel better. He didn’t add extra dopamine to my brain so I would become motivated. What He did do was