The following steps are shared with you based on my years of experience doing this and screwing up far more decals than I’d ever care to admit, so learn from my mistakes and follow these directions exactly!

If you need the extra confidence boost, please just call me before you install and I will help you do it correctly so you don’t have to worry about messing up.


a. A yard stick if you have one, otherwise a ruler (yes, a yard stick and not a tape measure). Both if you have them.

b. A small level with you for installation.

c. A clean microfiber cloth.

d. Application spray (included in the package mailed to you)

e. Squeegee for installing it (also in the package)

The decals have a nice big box as part of the design, which will make it easier to level and measure against the window edges.

  1. Wash the glass with a fine mist of the application fluid using the microfiber cloth before starting.


    • Lay the decal face-down on the ground (preferably indoors) and slowly remove the backing from the decals starting from the top-left corner and diagonally work your way toward the bottom-right corner. It doesn’t matter which corner relative to the decals, just your top-left, regardless of the direction in which you laid it.

IMPORTANT: Carefully watch each and every letter and sticker as you do this! If you go too quickly, you are much more likely to miss some and will wind up either pulling them off of the transfer tape or tearing the decals themselves.

If you find any decals coming up with the backing:

  • Lay the decal and backing back down
  • Place the decal over a hard surface
  • Use the squeegee to more firmly press the decal against the transfer tape
  • Pick up where you left off, but instead place a crease in the backing prior to pulling up the same portion of the decal.

This will typically force it to stay down. If I can, I’ll make a video example of this for you to better explain what I mean.

  1. As soon as the backing has been removed, spray the 𝙘𝙧𝙖𝙥 out of the back of the decal with the application fluid to prevent it from sticking to itself (ie. wind issues) and to allow for free movement once placed on the glass.

  2. Spray the glass where the decal will go.

NOTE: With both the decal and the glass covered in application fluid, you will be able to easily maneuver the decal once placed on the window by sliding it into place.

  1. Place the decal on the window. Using the orange box in the design, eyeball how centered it is and use the yard stick/ruler to ensure that it is evenly spaced from the left and right edges of the window. A yard stick and ruler work better than tape measure because of how stiff they are. They are easier to rest against edges to see where the vinyl sits. Use the ruler on both the right and left side of the the bottom edge of the graphic against the bottom of the window to ensure perfection in how level it is with the window’s edge.

TIP: If the decal is too "slippery", leave the two top corners of the tape dry when spraying so you have a small adhesive spot to hold it in place while you work.

  1. Use your level on the orange box or bottom edge of lettering to double-check level installation.

  2. Once everything is in place and perfectly level, starting at the center of the entire decal with an outward motion, use your hands to press the decal down agains the glass. While smoothing it out, feel for any lumps or bumps and push them outward using your hands. The application fluid behind the decal will begin to drip out from behind the decal.

  3. Once the decal is smoothly pressed against the window, starting from the center of the decal, gently use the squeegee to start expelling the application fluid from behind the decal.

TIP: It often helps to hold your opposite hand on the opposite side of the decal when doing this step to prevent it from sliding around too much.

  1. In the same pattern used in step 9, use the squeegee to press more firmly starting from the center to expel as much fluid as possible.

  2. Create an imaginative "Equator" in the center of the decal and use the squeegee to press down toward the bottom of the decal from left to right.

  3. Repeat step 11 only this time squeeze upward from left to right.

  4. Using firm pressure, run the squeegee over the entire decal several times to ensure a strong bond.

  5. Starting at the top-left corner of the transfer tape, VERY SLOWLY begin peeling the transfer tape straight down while maintaining a 45º angled straight line until the tape is completely removed.

TIP: If you see any portion of the vinyl coming off with the tape, stop pulling and use your finger to press that piece against the window. If the tape is pulled outward instead of downward, it will often cause bubbling. If you see bubbles, press them back down with your fingers and press against that decal with your fingers while pulling the tape downward.

  1. Once the transfer tape has been removed, use the microfiber cloth to pat the window and decal dry. DO NOT wipe the window, as the cloth can easily pull the decals up. They need to dry and cure. Let them sit for a day before wiping. If done correctly, they shouldn’t come up with the cloth, but it’s always better to err on the side of caution.

That’s it! I do realize that I made this seem far more complicated than it really is, but I tried to cover everything I could think of and every mistake I’ve ever made that has screwed up jobs in the past.