1. Can you hear beeps from transmitter while pushing the camera Gimbal dial?
    • No beeps when I push the camera gimbal dial.
  2. After turning on the drone, can you see the automatic rotation of camera?
    • No auto rotation occurs.
  3. Please try to plug out the connector of camera and plug it in again in case the wire connection is too loose.
    • I fear damaging it in doing this step.
  4. Whether you can hear any clicks from the camera when you push the camera-adjustment button?
    • No clicks or other sounds.
  5. Is there anything stuck stark on camera? Can you see real time image on your phone?
    • I can see real time image streaming to my phone.
  6. Did the drone ever crash before?
    • Yes. It went erratic once and hit a window after I pressed the RTH button.